Why I work for VMware

Today, I completed 8 years at VMware. Time certainly flies when you are having fun. A lot of things have changed, and even more things will change, so I thought I jotted down my thought.

This post was inspired by sharing by Heath Johnson. He shared why he joined VMware here, and what’s it like working for VMware. It’s heartwarming, so I thought I complimented it by covering additional things.

Working as an SE in VMware is like watching movie and getting paid to do so.

I’ve worked for almost 22 years in IT, starting as a Mainframe programmer. I think we’re witnessing a once in a life time changes in IT. It used to be about getting faster, cheaper and smaller. And that’s basically it. But now fundamentals are changing. Cloud computing, container, IoT, big data, SDDC, mobility, quantum computing, AI, are just a handful of innovation moving in parallel.

What that end state will be, it’s hard to be sure. While we can project for the next 5 years, predicting 25 years is impossible. For what we know, human becomes the battery 🙂 I wrote a light hearted article saying that I’m not sure if I want my kids to follow my path.

All the “IT Prediction for Next Year” articles should actually be called IT Projection. There is a trajectory, and the authors simply move along the trajectory. Within the next few years, it’s easy to see trends that benefits VMware. I wrote some of them here.

VMware is a player in this industry. It is both affecting and being affected by the industry. I’m fascinated by how my customers, partners, colleagues adapt to this ever changing industry. I’m enjoying the conversation and exchange of knowledge. It is interesting that different companies/individual react differently to the same thing.

Technology aside, I’m privileged to be working for an organisation that cares about the less fortunate. This year, I’m working with our user community VMUG to host our first ever charity + team building event. We are helping River Kids. They work with children in Cambodia who are really, really hard to help. Families that no other NGOs could help. Traffickers look for the worst families because their children are the easiest to prey on. River Kids look for families that are complex and incredibly difficult, families hurting their children or planning to sell them, families with generations of abuse. We listen to them, we help them to recover and we protect their children.


While I look forward to see the ending of the movie, I enjoy the scenes as it’s being played out. Have fun in the virtual world!

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